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We are living in pivotal times and God is calling every believer and the Church to a lifestyle of prayer--prayers that can change the trajectory of lives and nations. Prayer functioned as the major part of Jesus' life and He modeled a lifestyle of prayer that gave Him Kingdom solutions for earthly problems. Friendship with God and growing in intimacy with His Heavenly Father were the foundational blocks to His lifestyle of answered prayer. This also should be the calling of the believer and the church.

KINGDOM-DRIVEN PRAYERS - PRAYER WORKS! is a book that will ignite a hunger to see God move mightily through your prayer life. The book challenges unbelief and useless religious trends and calls the church to break off from the religious mindset and become salt and light throughout society, a church of prayer and action. Some jewels of the book include Kingdom concepts, activation prayers, biblical case studies on forms of prayers and why the prayers worked, and empowering testimonies of prayers that worked. This book will propel you toward the lifestyle of God's heroes - a fulfilled life of answered prayers.



“Eric writes in such an inspiring and encouraging way, and the effective, faith-building prayer he writes about is also the way he prays. We all long to know our prayer will make a difference and this book, with its great teaching combined with practical steps and activation prayers, will help you move to new levels of effectiveness in your prayer life.”

                                                                                                                                                                                    Rev. Ruth Shareski

                                                                                                                              Coach and Church planter, Heidelberg, Germany

“KINGDOM-DRIVEN PRAYERS - PRAYER WORKS! is a book that will ignite a hunger to see God move


mightily through your prayer life. Blending historical accounts with Scripture, Eric reveals powerful


truths that both challenge and encourage our faith to rise up and believe that with God… all things are





                                                                                                                                                                            Pastor Jay Cookingham


                                           Pastor of Bridge Builders Community Church & Founder of  Strategic Fathering Ministries, USA



“Kingdom Lifestyle” is written to empower, equip, train and coach the reader to experience abundant life in quantity and quality. Woven throughout this book are short write-ups of life impacting themes, Biblical truths and quotations to be applied in meditation and declarations. Some themes include:


►Breakthrough, Discipleship, Do Not be Afraid

► Kingdom Priority, Kingdom Governance

► The Holy Spirit, The Power of Forgiveness

►The Power of the Truth, The Victorious Mindset



“This book is a great and powerful tool that will help you on how to become a living witness as a child of The King in influencing others with heavenly lifestyle.”


                                                                                                                                                                         Nancy Bocalan Schwartz

                                                                                                         Founder and President of Thy Kingdom Carriers, Florida USA


“Kingdom Lifestyle” is a practical guide to creating your lifestyle to align to God’s plans and promises for


you. A life without meditation and declaration will lack God’s spiritual electricity. Read and practice.”



                                                                                                                                                                            Solomon Izang Ashoms


                                           Trainer, Television and Radio presenter and founder of Parable Lifestyle Magazine, South Africa



“I know Eric Supen to be a man that understands truly that victories are won as we focus on who God is, His will, His character, and His goodness. As we are yielded to our Lord Jesus and His ways, we will walk in a way that reflects Him, and see glorious advances made through the power of God at work in us.”


                                                                                                                                                                           Pastor Chuck Cushman

                                                                                                                         President, Rural Shepherds Network, Montana, USA

“There is certainly no unhealthy fascination with the works of darkness but a liberating and inspiring

revelation of the greatness of the Kingdom of God. Particularly helpful, among other things, are the well


formulated declarations of truth that each believer can speak out as they learn to cooperate with the King


in seeing His kingdom released and established on the earth.”



                                                                                                                                                                                          Ralph Shareski 


                                                                                                                              Church Planter and Coach, Heidelberg, Germany





There is a direct or indirect spiritual and natural battle declared against humans. It is a battle in which worldviews clash and seek to determine what is true and what the TRUTH is; who we are, what we do and how we should live. It impacts society negatively sometimes and seeks to influence and shape destinies, identities, sexuality, family, careers and other important aspects of life.

With all of the hopeless, difficult and sometimes evil challenges impacting people and nations, there is hope for humans. The kingdom of God is a “VICTORIOUS KINGDOM” and humans can receive godly solutions to their natural and spiritual battles. The battle raging over all of life is one that should concern the Body of Christ. We have been given the armor of God and entrusted with spiritual authority to invade darkness, wage warfare, conquer and recover what is rightfully our inheritance. We are agents of change with a calling to impact and influence society from a biblical Christian worldview.





There are people hurting around us and some of the challenges they are going through are very real. "Turning point," is a collection of short transformational stories of fiction and real-life, written to encourage people and nations to have hope and not to give up on that hope because of personal, corporate and global challenges. It inspires people to be hopeful for change and to practically get involved in addressing the challenges impacting our world. The transformational stories include:


* Author’s personal experience with armed robbers.

* Adebola's narrow escape from human trafficking as he discovered his life purpose in the midst of his turning point--becoming a social reformer (fiction).

*  Pappy's true life story; his escape from rebel recruitment, living on the streets, experiencing a turning point and making a difference using the medium of short stories and film production.



"Eric Supen is a dynamic, creative and mind-engaging thinker in a generation where feelings have taken over thinking. With his distinctive style of writing, Eric Supen has once again delivered a book to be read by anyone who desires to take an honest look at the state of affairs in many African Nations. Turning Point presents a positive vision of what our nations can become if we truly tell transformational stories. Reading this book, is like reading the story of my life."


                                                                                                                                                                                              Philip Anthony

 Author of  LET MY  PEOPLE THINK, and Founder SIPO foundation and Crown Pillar Ministry




Eric N. Supen, presents a cutting edge, relevant and empowering book, in an era, where people can be influenced by fear or impacted by hopelessness or lose their sense of direction for the future because of SEASONS OF CHANGE.

Seasons of change may include leadership changes in an organization, unexpected health problems, getting married, becoming wealthy, or the unfolding of global events such as the refugee crisis, national or regional wars, global financial crisis or the BREXIT; an acronym used to describe the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum which resulted in an overall vote to leave the European Union.

“BREXIT-SEASONS OF CHANGE,” inspires HOPE to overcome FEAR, and calls individuals, families, corporate organizations, government establishments, and nations to take up the LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE and COURAGEOUSLY navigate through their seasons of change.



"Eric Supen, writes from his own life experiences, and draws the reader’s attention to regional, national and global events influencing individuals or corporate organizations—suggesting how the can be prepared and empowered with hope for the future, in navigating through the un-expected and expected seasons of change."


                                                                                                                                                                      Francis Obaika 

 Life Coach and International Speaker, Germany 


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